What is your pricing?

A. My fee is $325 per hour for portraits and headshots and $265 per hour for events with no other purchase requirements, hidden fees, fine print, or strings attached. All digital files delivered to your gallery are available for you to download.

How do we book you?

A. I book everything online. Click "Book Online" on this page to find your spot. You can schedule, reschedule, and cancel your appointment through your confirmation link.

No shoot is considered booked until you have completed the online booking submission and received a confirmation email.

What if it rains or is cloudy?

A. If it rains we reschedule or choose an indoor location. The Lumen Studio is the only indoor location I have and it is subject to availability. Some people relocate to their house or a building accessible to them.

If it is so cloudy that your car lights automatically turn on, I feel like it might be too dark and we should reschedule.

How do I pay?

A. If you book online with a card, I can charge that card AFTER we shoot. I also take Venmo to @CarissaByers or Zelle to, 214-728-6809.

I can send invoices as needed for company and school shoots.

How many photos do we get?

A. This answer largely depends on our shoot. Let's say an average of 40 photos for a one-hour family portrait. I will softly edit the best selection of all of the photos we take. You can then choose up to 5 per hour of shooting for further edits and polishing. All of the photos in the gallery will be yours.

For events, I will choose your photos and deliver the best from our shoot to adequately tell your story.

Whats your turn around time?

A. Galleries will be delivered on average, within two weeks from our shoot date. Retouching is on average, another week. October - December times can vary due to the volume of holiday portraits.

Does my gallery stay up forever?

A. Upon download, you accept all responsibility for archiving and protecting your digital photographs. I do not permanently archive files. I am not responsible for the lifespan of any digital media provided or for any future changes in digital technology or media readers that might result in an inability to read the files or file types provided. It is your responsibility to make sure that digital files are backed up and copied to new media as required.

Your gallery is how I deliver photos to you. It will NOT stay up forever and is not a permanent personal storage for you. Download all of your photos and store them somewhere safe like your hard drive, a usb, google photos or drop box.

I recommend you store them on a drive AND in the cloud.

Can I have the unedited images or RAW files?

A. Raw and unedited images are released upon request to commercial jobs only.

Do you retouch photos?

A. Yes! I will softly edit all of your photos. You can then choose from your gallery any photos that you would like further editing on. This includes things like hair, skin, teeth, background, and clothing.

I will deliver thoughtfully, professionally edited images to bring out the best side of you and the location we shoot at. I will keep everything as natural, realistic, and timeless as possible.

Body modifications are not a service I provide.

How far out do you book?

A. As far ahead as you can plan! Many people book up to a year in advance. I don't take any payment until AFTER your shoot so if you have to cancel or reschedule, that is absolutely fine. But I recommend getting yourself on the schedule as soon as you have an idea of a date you want. Weekends book up especially fast! You should book your holiday portrait now. (Not kidding.)

Can you help us with planning?

A. Absolutely! I'm here to make this the easiest photo session you've ever had in your life. I have lots of location ideas and I love exploring your ideas.

What should we wear?

A. It's a good idea to lay out everyone's outfits next to each other to see how the clothes complement or clash.

For family photos, I personally prefer lighter colors over blacks and navy.

A pop of color makes for a happy photo! Avoid large logos and graphic shirts with words or characters on them. Kids smile more when they are comfortable, so take that into consideration.

Any children in a dress should wear bloomers because I love running, jumping, and cartwheel photos. Diapers should absolutely have a cover.

I do not recommend wearing green for family portraits if we are shooting on a very green background.

It is very important that your clothes are not wrinkled.

Do you Travel?

A. Yes, I'm available to travel anywhere! Travel and lodging must be covered for the shoot. I've traveled for events, weddings, restaurants, and to corporate offices around the country for headshots.

How long have you been doing this?

A. I started photography as a business in 2003 on maternity leave with my firstborn, Penn. When my three months were up my baby was still so little and I couldn't imagine leaving him with anyone!

My business accidentally took off and I made it a full-time gig so I could spend as much time with my baby as possible and still have an income. I always know exactly when I started based on the age of my oldest child. It's been 19 years!

What equipment do you use?

A. I shoot with a mirrorless Nikon Z6 and a variety of lenses. I sometimes use an off-camera flash or strobe. I have a Nikon D850 as a backup camera.

I edit in the most up-to-date versions of Lightroom and Photoshop on a Mac.

Why should I order prints?

A. I feel very passionate about you ordering prints. Prints are tangible memories you can touch. They will be here to hold long after we are gone. Your phone and computer and usb drives will all be outdated, inaccessible technology someday. Do not depend on Facebook to store your memories.

You can order prints easily from your gallery and they ship quickly. They are printed by a reputable fine art printer for photographers.

You do have printing rights. If you choose to print from somewhere else, I highly suggest you choose a good printer. Do not use chains like Walmart or Walgreens as they will be inaccurate and I cannot guarantee their quality.

What if I don't love my photos?

A. I think with some preparation on your end and experience on my end, you will enjoy your photos! I have yet to do a reshoot. (KNOCKS ON WOOD)

Having said that, If you are not happy with the photos from your session, and I agree they are not consistent with my portfolio, and weighing in whatever circumstances we have during our time together, I will make it right.

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