Photogenic locations in Dallas, Texas

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Lumen room

4301 Bryan St #302 #303, Dallas, TX 75204

The Lumen Room is a large natural light photography studio in East Dallas, though we will use lights as needed. There are multiple couches and chairs, a wall of windows. There are white, black, and a few other background colors. This is a great blank slate for any kind of shoot! Best of all, we don't have to worry about the weather. I will book the studio and attach studio fees to your invoice. Fees are $75 an hour, $275 for 4 hours, or $375 for a full day. It is subject to availability.

Your Home

Photographing in your home is not just about setting, but about preserving the memories of where your family lives right now. Our best shots will come from clutter-free backgrounds full of natural light. Families piled on beds and children in their room are some of my favorite and make the best storytelling photographs. If your home lacks a natural light area, let's choose a brighter location.

Winfrey Point

950 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX 75218

Winfrey Point is located next to White Rock Lake. It has a large grassy field that is golden and open in the Fall and Winter and green with wildflowers in the Spring. There is a large tree to sit in, trails to play on, the lake in the background, and some benches. This is a very versatile green space.

Lakeside Park

The intersection of Lexington and Lakeside, Highland Park, Texas 75205

Lakeside Park is located in Highland Park. There is a lush, creekside landscape with a picturesque bridge and benches.

Dallas Arboretum

8525 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

The Dallas Arboretum is located by White Rock Lake and features unique gardens, manicured lawns, rock walls, benches, lush trails, and interesting architecture. The lake can be seen in the background in some parts of the park. The Arboretum is open 9:00am - 5:00pm daily. There is an admission and parking fee. You do not have to pay for my ticket.

Winspear Opera House

2403 Flora St, Dallas, TX 75201

The Winspear Opera House is in Downtown Dallas with an urban setting, manicured landscape, lots of steps and architecture, benches, and a water reflection pool. This is a very versatile and fun location that works well for any age, but especially older kids.

Flippen Park

4421 N Versailles Ave., Dallas, TX 75205

Flippen Park is located in Highland Park. There is a picturesque gazebo, seasonal flowers, benches, and a fountain.

Davis and Prather Park

Lexington and Drexel Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205

Davis and Prather Park are two connected spaces located in Highland Park. It is a very green area with lots of trails. There is a bridge and a shallow stream running through the park that is perfect for adventurous barefoot or rainboot portraits. There are large trees, long sets of stairs, and stone bridges. There is a rock ledge that juts out over the water that is very picturesque.

Filter Building

2810 White Rock Road, Dallas, Texas 75214

The Filter Building is a 1920's urban industrial building on White Rock Lake in East Dallas. There is a large hill, red brick walls, steps, a dock, and some wooded natural surroundings.

Pacific Park Plaza

401 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

Pacific Park Plaza is an urban park in Downtown Dallas. The city rises tall around it with a green space, walkways, colorful furniture, nice landscaping, and a unique circular pavilion that surrounds a hill.

Pedestrian Bridge

Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge, Dallas, TX 75207

The Pedestrian Bridge is located near downtown Dallas next to Trinity Groves and offers a large area with the Dallas Skyline and Margaret Hunt Bridge in the background.

Boyscout Hill

Boy Scout Hill Pavillion, Dallas, TX 75218

Boyscout Hill has a photogenic dock with the sailing club in the background and a big grassy hill and woodsy area across the street. There is golden grass in the Fall and wildflowers in the Spring.

Flagpole Hill

8100 Doran Cir, Dallas, TX 75238

Flag Pole Hill has a large short grassy hill and a field of tall grass and greenery.

Tokalon Park

7102 Tokalon Dr, Dallas, TX 75214

Tokalon Park is a large grassy field on a hill with some trees. There are wildflowers in the spring.

Arlington Hall

3333 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75219

Lee Park is a large grassy park with a big covered front porch with white columns, white brick walls, stone benches, stairs and a path.

Klyde Warren

2012 Woodwall Rogers Freeway, Dallas, Texas

Klyde Warren Park is an urban park built over Woodall Rogers Freeway. It offers a big green lawn, picturesque archways, a large shiny stage, and downtown Dallas as a background. It is near pretty photogenic areas near the Dallas Museum of Art.

Bishop Arts District

336 W Eighth St, Dallas, TX 75208

Bishop Arts District is a vibrant artistic neighborhood full of color and texture. I recommend a morning time slot before the stores open, if possible, to avoid the crowds. The ___ +___ = Love stair mural is at 502 N Madison Ave, Dallas, TX 75208.

TX Studio

1300 S Polk St Suite #175, Dallas, TX 75224

The TX Studio is located in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. It features natural light, colored backgrounds, with seating and plant props available. There is a fee of $99 per two hours to rent the studio. It is subject to availability.

Main Street Garden

1902 Main, Dallas, TX 75201

Main Street Garden is located in Downtown Dallas across from The Statler Hotel. There is a large green area and some rock work.

Deep Ellum

Radiator Alley

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood near downtown Dallas. There are lots of murals with an artistic, grungy city vibe.

The Fabrication Yard

611 Fabrication St, Dallas, TX 75212

The Fabrication Yard is an area open to the public for graffiti. It is very colorful and artistic.

The Hill

8041 Walnut Hl Ln Suite 912, Dallas, TX 75231

The Hill is a shopping center that has unique modern architecture and landscaping and lots of colorful murals! It stays shady in the interior areas and has a large turf courtyard in the center.

Heritage Village

1515 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75215

The Dallas Heritage Village is a historical museum of buildings in downtown Dallas. Wide roads, small buildings, benches, a mural, a large red barn, and a field make a great backdrop for photos. There are admission fees and selective hours.

Whippersnapper Mural

1806 McMillan Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

This colorful diamond mural is always fun for families and kids! There is also a large white wall and possibly other rotating murals within walking distance.

Highland Park Town Offices

4700 Drexel Dr, Dallas, TX 75205

The Highland Park Town Office is a beautifully ornate building with gorgeous colorful tile and a fountain. This location makes a lovely vignette for portraits.

The West End Square

607 Corbin St, Dallas, TX 75202

The West End Square is a beautiful little park in Downtown Dallas with lots of architecture, light-filled alleys, red brick, and landscaping.

Curtis Park

3501 Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75205

Curtis Park is located in University Park. It has a small stone bridge, green areas, and a pond. This is a great sunset location.

Celestial Park

5501 Celestial Rd, Dallas, TX 75254

Celestial Park is located in Addison, Texas and features a large green space, benches, and some rocks to sit on.

Scottish Rite Cathedral

500 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

The Scottish Rite Cathedral is located in Downtown Dallas. This location features a lot of steps, and ornate columns and arches. Pictures coming soon!

Highland Park Village

47 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205

Highland Park Village is an area of pretty shops, old architecture, landscaping, and colorful tiles. More photos coming soon!

Mandalay Canals

215 Mandalay Canal, Irving, TX 75039

The Mandalay Canals are located in Irving, Texas. This location features a paved trail by the water, arches, and old-world-style buildings. More photos coming soon!

AT&T Discovery District

308 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202

The AT&T Discover District is located in downtown Dallas. It is a turfed urban park with a reflective globe and fountain. Pictures coming!

Belo Garden

1014 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75202

The Belo Garden is located in Downtown Dallas. It is full of ornamental grasses and seasonal flowers with a city backdrop. More photos coming soon!